Web Development

Recent web development is much powerful and plays a vital role in transforming the business process. A web application depicts the company virtually on the internet capable of converting critical business challenges into innovative solutions. We have a dedicated team of experienced developers who ensures every web application with user-friendly interfaces. Active web development bolsters the design of the web applications that enables the error-free dynamic pages, and a flexible web structure that supports expanding business activities.

  • PHP Web Development
  • Java Web Application Development
  • Responsive Web Applications
  • Joomla CMS Development
  • WordPress Development

Web Designing

Firstsoft’s website design plays a vital role that demands a complete makeover and facelift. A good design attracts the visitors to extensively explore the website. The design flashes the exact ideas that engages the customers and increases the familiarity of the website. Our web designers are aware of trendy designing, poses high standard of innovation and creativity. Firstsoft’s ideas aim to create a new and attractive website. All our support and assistance are affordable and quiet competitive.

  • Business Web Design
  • Template Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Static and Dynamic Web Design
  • ECommerce Web Design
  • Multimedia Solutions

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach in the design of website that adopts the content to various screen sizes and devices used while viewing the website.Since mobile devices and mobility services are becoming viral the responsive web design becomes a real value added solution in every business. The responsive web design is compatible with the entire range of devices such as desktop, notebook, tablet, smart phones irrespective of the nature of the screen / size of the devices. Our web products work well with a variety of browsers including IE8 +, iOS, Android 2+, Windows Phone 7, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome using HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Scalability to Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets and Smart phones.
  • Consolidated web traffic in a single site produces better SEO results.
  • Broader content possible on mobile applications.
  • Broader content possible on mobile applications.

Social Media

Social media is the most significant feature in a website. Firstsoft promotes social media customize to clients’ pages over Facebook, Orkut, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Flickr. An authentic presence is established through the social networking that enhances the customer base and revenue. The communication through social networking is one of the novel way to reach the targeted customers. Our web developers with their rich experience provide cost-effective, custom-built websites to reflect the vision and the goal of the client.

Search Engine Optimization

At Firstsoft, an exclusive, dedicated team of professionals who have specialized on search engine optimization work on the appropriate keywords that ensures and categories the company on a top priority listing in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Our SEO strategy suits up the ranking in the search engines and ultimately paves a way to enhance the business.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is inevitable to keep the website content up-to-date. Incorporating periodic changes in the existing web pages, revising and editing keeps the content fresh and updated. The website maintenance updating the website ensures the ranking in search engine lists.

Quality and Commitments

Firstsoft continuously seeks the ways to out the ways to enhance the quality of our services, methodologies and products to meet out the clients’ requirements. Our policy encompasses the following principles:

  • To solve the Business Uncertainty and Challenges.
  • To enhance Quality, Value and Productivity.
  • To ensure vital business functions to work Faster, Cheaper and Better.
  • To transform the business to the next Level.
  • To satisfy and exceed beyond customer expectations.
  • To deliver high quality solutions.
  • Collaborative Efforts to fulfill the Commitments.
  • To ensure timely delivery as per the Schedule.