Research Outsourcing

Firstsoft outsourcing services provide and manage an integrated research solutions to their clients who do not have their own R&D team.The skilled professional condigent of Firstsoft offers timely solutions to the expectations of their clients.Our outsourcing services include high quality integration, project and vendor management and operational support in all the endeavours with world-classs solutions.The flexibility of the signed contracts with us and the provision of periodic review of the research results encourages mutually to meet out the changing research requirements of the clients. The quick delivery of a range of solutions for network securiyt,privacy and storasge facility and various other new research domains are all the specialities of our R&D service. The research outsourcing enhances business decisions delivering revenue generating resources.

Our R&D is dependable and passionate to deliver solutions harnessing multi-technology resources closely assisted with our domain-focussed experts.Our esxpertise peredicts and identifies the large,and the areas where the problems in multi-disciplinary stages and provides in appropriate solutions to the clients.