Research Internship

Internships provide real world experience to those who are on the look out to explore and acquire relevant knowledge for a specific period of time and gain expertise through their experience. In India, Internship opportunities are career specific, college students often choose internships based on their branch of study at the University. Students consider a way to develop their capabilities, practically applying the academic elements of their degree and as an opportunity to learn about the work environment. Generally, the successful interns are absorbed as employees.The organisation evaluates the skills set acquired by interns and offer an opportunity to work as an employee with them.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The intern applicants shall pursue a Bachelor’s, a Master’s or a Doctoral degree.
  • Shall possess sound computer programming and research capabilities.
  • Have good written and verbal english skills.
  • Possess strong academic achievements in the fields such as computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related field with a focus on technology.

Admissions Procedures

Firstsoft invites applicants/interns who are interested to develop their research skills shall register with the updated resume along with relevant documents.

The applicants shall forward the documents to

On persual of the doicuments, the successful applicants shall be intimated and admitted as our candidate.


  • Abundant opportunity to communicate and interact with research scholars.
  • Exciting research areas on real time projects
  • Priority to the final year students and fresh graduates
  • The projects pursued by the final year students shall be completed with us.
  • All successful interns shall receive completion certificate

Internship Projects

The Research Internship Projects are available in the following technologies

     Wireless Sensor Networks

   Routing - Clustering - Data Aggregation - Security

    Mobile Ad hoc Networks

   Routing - QoS - Security - WMNs

    Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

    Routing - Security

    Mobile Networks

    Improving TCP in Mobile Environments - IPv6 and Mobility Management

    Mobile cloud computing

     Mobile cloud architecture - Mobile cloud applications

    Semantic Web

    Semantic annotations - Semantic Web Service - QoS - REST

    Cloud Computing

    Privacy preservation - Cloud Security - Cloud Forensics

    Bigdata Analytics


    Social Networks and Analysis

    Mining Social Networks - Security and Privacy in Social Networks

    Data Analysis:




    Mobile apps

    Mobile Cloud Applications - Mobile Security - Mobile Forensics

    Web Mining

    Web Technology - Web Semantics