Web Mining

Tremendous growth in e-commerce drags the research focus on web mining. We conduct integrated research on web mining with various domains like Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence and Database. Research on web mining includes the category of web content, structure and usage mining. We work on the process of pattern identification, classification and clustering of the web content represented as hypertext document, ontology, link structures and graph through web mining. We assist in marketing by analyzing the usage pattern through logs available on the server and browser.The huge information across a variety of industries and services are susceptible to information theft. We offer the best security and privacy service that helps to manage the business model while ensuring business innovation. Incorporating network with intrusion detection systems, firewall are not only the complete solution for security and privacy. Firstsoft conducts a thorough analysis on the various business functionalities and identifies the vulnerable areas of the security and privacy of an organization. Considering these vulnerable areas of security and privacy requirements of the organization, Firstsoft develops a special software supported with the appropriate security intelligence needed to protect information assets and to pursue secure enterprise initiatives and manages the risk proactively. At our research centre, we cautiously design and develop a defence-in-depth solution after careful examination at all levels such as the network, the system and the application.

In web mining, we focus on providing services to the users in various aspects like delivering relevant information from huge data available on the web, personalized recommendation for a product or service, and Business Intelligence solutions.

Tools and Technologies in Web Mining

  • Java Platform (JDK) 8
  • Tomcat 7.0
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Weka 3
  • Protege 3.4
  • Netbeans 8.0.1
  • ArgoUML
  • Apache Jena - Jena Ontology API
  • Apache Mahout

Research Focus in Web Mining

  • Improving resource access through classification of web resources
  • Recommending services from clustering of large services available on web
  • Retrieving relevant document through mining and re-ranking of hypertext documents
  • Annotation and Query processing of streaming and big data
  • Exploring Semantic Similarity in web information retrieval

Areas of Interest in Web Mining

  • Machine learning techniques
  • Reasoning framework
  • Natural language processing

Web Mining Projects

  • Biomedical Information Retrieval System
  • Mobile Commerce Explorer
  • Web Resource Classifier
  • Location based Movie Recommender
  • Sales Performance Predictor
  • Mashup Service Recommender
  • Friend Recommender