Social Networks

In industries, the social network alters the communication trend drastically and has a great impact on the customers, the partners and the employees. Firstsoft utilizing the social network technology as a background to create unique value for the clients and keeps them on the network engaged and innovative. The approach establishes a social network and this enables the clients’ to realize the value of social business and to board on digital transformation. The whole workforce are engaged and connected constructively exploiting the social network. The unique identity of the client in a social network group upgrades the organization operationally cost-efficient and also reduces social-related risks of the enterprise and the stakeholders.

Tools and Technologies in Social Networks

The WorkPort Product Suite is a platform that enables people and collaboratively solve the business and the technical problems. Applying social strategies to collaborative work management, WorkPort helps to realize the future trends of social network in which all communities stay actively engaged in a single community.

  • Java Platform (JDK) 8
  • Tomcat 7.0
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Weka 3
  • Protege 3.4
  • Netbeans 8.0.1
  • Eclipse Indigo
  • ArgoUML

Research Focus in Social Networks

  • Providing Trust based Friend Recommendation Service
  • Sentiment Analysis on Social Network Data
  • Improving quality of student’s conversation on social media through data mining
  • Prevention of Inference Attack on Social Network
  • Blocking unwanted content posted on social media wall

Areas of Interest in Social Networks

  • Security and Privacy
  • Personalization and Recommendation
  • Large-scale data mining
  • Message Filtering

Social Networks Projects

  • Privacy ensured Data Sanitizer for publicly released data from Social Network
  • Friend Recommender
  • Student Learning Analyzer from Social Network Data
  • Opinion Classifier
  • Undesirable Content Blocker