Industrial environment demands high mobility among employees, business associates and customers. Our unique framework facilitates complete freedom of mobility and ensures right solutions at right time. The security measures and control employed in all our mobility applications enables free flow of information in a collaborative environment.

Our setup tools and services offer an exclusively designed enterprise mobility strategy to facilitate the requirements of the enterprise unlocking the workforce productivity. Our team of consultants with their vast industry knowledge draft and design the approrpiate mobile blueprint which is applied over a wide range of mobile platforms and devices.

Tools and Technologies in Mobility

  • Eclipse with ADT Plugin
  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android Platform Tools
  • Java Platform (JDK) 8

Research Focus in Mobility

  • Establishing a set of guidelines to design user-friendly interfaces that facilitates relevant information dissemination in the mobile environment
  • Developing context-aware applications

Areas of Interest in Mobility

  • Mobile cloud Technologies
  • Mobile cloud forensics
  • Personalized Recommendation Services
  • Context Based Mode switching
  • Offloading in Mobile Cloud environment

Mobility Projects

  • Automatic Application Privilege Controller based on Context in Smartphones
  • Taxi-sharing system
  • Risk Gauge for Mobile App
  • Location Provenance Proof System
  • Misplaced Mobile Spotter
  • Context based Call Permitter
  • Forensics Investigator Tool for Smartphone
  • Nearest Places Recommender