Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

Day-by-day, the rate of data inundation increases tremendously. There is a great explosion of data that ranges from bank transaction and e-commerce sites, data on social networks and data from the sensors. The machine learning technologies develop algorithms, for automatic pattern recognition, prediction, classification, clustering, and structure learning. We focus currently on developing fast learning and inference techniques that are used for advanced data analytics in real-time applications and also on the personalized recommendations through e-commerce and on predictive maintenance of asset management.

Tools and Technologies in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

The core technologies of machine learning are distributed and on-line machine learning, Bayesian network, anomaly detection, classifying structures, support vector machine, neural network, feature selection, and rule learning.

  • Java Platform (JDK) 8
  • Tomcat 7.0
  • MySQL 5.5
  • Weka 3
  • Protege 3.4
  • Netbeans 8.0.1
  • Eclipse Indigo
  • ArgoUML
  • Apache Jena - Jena Ontology API
  • Apache Mahout

Research Focus in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

  • Anomaly detection in database accesses
  • Mining web resources, movie reviews, and feedbacks on a product or service
  • Similarity Measurement, Rating Prediction and Recommendation
  • Indexing and Ranking of webpages
  • Information Retrieval based on Semantic Similarity
  • Effective Processing of structured and unstructured data
  • Annotation and Query processing of streaming and big data

Areas of Interest in Machine Learning and Information Retrieval

  • Database access in security domain
  • Similarity relatedness measurements
  • Clustering and Classification techniques
  • Support vector machines
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Association rules
  • Structured prediction
  • Semantic Similarity and metric learning

Machine Learning and Information Retrieval Projects

  • Malicious feedback rating prevention system
  • Web Resource Classifier
  • Location based Movie Recommender
  • Fraudulent Credit Application Detection
  • Sales Performance Predictor
  • Mashup Service Recommender
  • Malware Detector
  • Friend Recommender
  • Product Ranking System
  • Undesirable Content Blocker in Social Network
  • Ontology Search Engine