Learning Management Services

Firstsoft’s “Soft Campus” is a web-based software product that enables instant access capabilities to Students, Faculty Fraternity, Parents and Management and meets the specific learning needs of student community. Firstsoft has done extensive research and incorporated infrastructure and functionalities required for the Educational Institutions. It enables the management to have an overall performance of their institution in the various fields such as student centered learning, greater efficiency of instruction, quality evaluation and a third party feedback report generation and above all a quick access to high quality and appropriate learning content.

Soft Campus improves the operational efficiency by integrating all the departments virtually. Communication services keep the users posted with information for instant plan/ action. The ERP saves cost and time, increases productivity, and provides competitive edge over the other institutions.

Learning Management Services - Features

  • Open source model
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Complete log book on student & faculty
  • Exclusive repository online for faculty
  • Simplified fees administration system and reports
  • Full fledged multi-way communication( texting and e-mailing services)
  • Simple and user friendly interfaces
  • Single database management system
  • Unlimited concurrent users

Learning Management Services - Benefits

  • Instant accessibility
  • Highly scalable & secured
  • Soft Campus supports Android/ ios platforms driving mobility (Device friendly)
  • Cost effective and complete transparency across all departments.
  • Affordable infrastructure and server maintenance
  • High accuracy in work, minimal paper work and improved operational efficiency
  • Automation of all the functionalities saves considerable man hours
  • Live centralized reporting system
  • No bottlenecks while seeking information from large volume of data
  • An Integrated solution to manage administrative, academic and business process
  • Chronological digital records as an important asset of the institution

Learning Management Services - Reports

  • NBA
  • Auditing
  • Ad Hoc Reports