Custom Software Development

The demanding business environment needs a robust IT strategy to achieve efficiency and business objectives, to speed-up the time to market, to increase productivity and maximizes the return on investment.

The custom software development fulfills the vision, the mission and supports the unique needs of a business with reasonable cost of development, deployment and maintenance requirements.

Our customized software design improves the efficiency and ensures maximum utilization of resources.Our software development process substantially reduces the purchases of multiple software licenses and maintenance costs that generates a high returns with little risk.

Quality and Commitments

Firstsoft continuously seeks the ways to out the ways to enhance the quality of our services, methodologies and products to meet out the clients’ requirements. Our policy encompasses the following principles:

  • To solve the Business Uncertainty and Challenges.
  • To enhance Quality, Value and Productivity.
  • To ensure vital business functions to work Faster, Cheaper and Better.
  • To transform the business to the next Level.
  • To satisfy and exceed beyond customer expectations.
  • To deliver high quality solutions.
  • Collaborative Efforts to fulfill the Commitments.
  • To ensure timely delivery as per the Schedule.
  • Delegating high-volume research to an outsourcing company provides the business houses, low costs, less work pressure an risk and frees up the management team to focus on the core strategic activities.
  • Outsourcing is the only solution when there are no local resources.
  • The need for investment on the entire infrastructure, man power and training costs arae eliminated.s
  • Outsourcing provides assurance on the business processes carried out within the fast turnaround time.
  • Outsourcing serves to fulfill the challenging new demands of the clients

The Research Internship Projects are available in the following technologies

Wireless Sensor Networks

Routing - Clustering - Data Aggregation - Security

Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Routing - QoS - Security - WMNs

Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Routing - Security

Mobile Networks

Improving TCP in Mobile Environments - IPv6 and Mobility Management

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud architecture - Mobile cloud applications

Semantic Web

Semantic annotations - Semantic Web Service - QoS - REST

Cloud Computing

Privacy preservation - Cloud Security - Cloud Forensics

Bigdata Analytics


Social Networks and Analysis

Mining Social Networks - Security and Privacy in Social Networks

Data Analysis:




Mobile apps

Mobile Cloud Applications - Mobile Security - Mobile Forensics

Web Mining

Web Technology - Web Semantics