Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are a subscription-based service offered to Information Technology and delivered over the internet cloud or a dedicated network where the network storage space and computer resources are obtained. Cloud computing receives a great deal of attention, both in publications and among users, from individuals at home to the officials in the government. More recently, cloud computing refers to the many different types of services and applications being delivered in the internet cloud, and the fact that, in many instances the devices used to access these services and applications do not require any special applications.

Firstsoft offers Cloud services in India. Our approach is focused on building & providing competence based mostly on services like cloud assessment facilitating smooth migration to private, public and hybrid clouds. The dynamic allocation and de-allocation of resources according to demand creates an elasticity in resource allocation which allows the users to meet their extra resources demand to satisfy their customers and also enables to return to the normal level when the demand decreases. Our cloud service provides uninterrupted access to cloud computing enabling the users to have complete control and agility in their work to make better decisions on the current and future needs.

Cloud Advisory Service

The advantages of cloud computing such as scalability / flexibility, reliability, cost savings and minimum maintenance requirements are attracting organizations to adopt to an architecture that leverages these capabilities of cloud infrastructure, transforming the current human resource skills sets, processes and technologies.

Firstsoft Cloud Advisory Services offer strategic and challenging computing solutions by ensuring the availability of the appropriate skills and resources enabling the users to implement solutions through cloud computing.

Firstsoft recommends potential cloud deployment models after thorough investigation and analysis of clients requirements and designs a roadmap for implementation with a well-designed architecture and well-formulated cloud policies and standards.

Cloud Assessment Service

Firstsoft Strategic Cloud Assessment Services enable the clients to embrace the cloud and achieve their short and long term objectives with ease. Our cloud security approach, the expert guidance and the advice enhances the overall performance through their cloud journey.

Firstsoft’s Cloud Assessment serve customer transition to the cloud in a fast and methodical way. The methodology of our cloud assessment service includes requirement discovery, analysis, and suggestions. Requirement discovery phase involves understanding and gathering information concerning current working environment and workloads.The outcome of discovery phase is analyzed and modeled using predefined frameworks for assessment. Finally, based on the analysis, we make suggestions on application migration and determine the cloud design and architecture and compliance.

Cloud Management

The simplified, automated cloud management systems of Firstsoft assist organizations achieve Operational agility, improved IT governance and well-knit integration of components within the organization

We offer thorough management support of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS components, ensure stability, scalability, SLAs, security and monitoring of cloud environments. We support shared governance of technology and application standards. Firstsoft offers managed services for a cloud environment and supports virtual desktop infrastructure.

Cloud Migration Service

Our Migration Services support PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS Models in public, private, and hybrid infrastructures from transition to management, to hosting and offer professional guidance throughout the migration process. With Firstsoft Cloud services, the clients can automatically move their existing server application workloads to a variety of supported public clouds.

Firstsoft Cloud Migration Services provide safe, unified and speedy migration of cloud applications. The cloud advisory services exploit to migrate applications and data to cloud environment. To ensure cloud readiness, the applications are tested and severally analyzed prior to migration and quickly optimized as required by the client. 

Cloud Development

We offer cloud application development services for all deployment models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). The applications are developed after careful evaluation and planning for ensuring security, competence and integration with other on-premise or other cloud applications and steer them in the right direction. An appropriate applications are developed locally to suit smooth migration to remote Iaas and Paas cloud platforms.

Firstsoft formulates the governance, SLA and performance metric design and conducts, evaluates performance and access functionality and quality testing.

Quality and Commitments

Firstsoft continuously seeks the ways to out the ways to enhance the quality of our services, methodologies and products to meet out the clients’ requirements. Our policy encompasses the following principles:

  • To solve the Business Uncertainty and Challenges.
  • To enhance Quality, Value and Productivity.
  • To ensure vital business functions to work Faster, Cheaper and Better.
  • To transform the business to the next Level.
  • To satisfy and exceed beyond customer expectations.
  • To deliver high quality solutions.
  • Collaborative Efforts to fulfill the Commitments.
  • To ensure timely delivery as per the Schedule.